January 26, 2009

by Michelle Lasley

Thanks for your interest in food in North Portland. I wanted to say a few words about why this idea is important to me and where it came from.

I have a family of three, and we have a very tight monthly income, so trimming our budget is a constant focus. Additionally, being eco-minded is also very important to me. I have briefly looked into Food Buying clubs that point to places like Azure Standards, and although their goals are admirable, their prices are not within our budget. So, I wanted to explore the idea of starting a food-buying club more local to North Portland and with different options than Azure Standard.

I love food, and I would love for this idea to grow into a co-op, especially since North Portland is lacking a local and organic co-op, Proper Eats aside. But, I also think it is important to start small and manageable. I do not have the capital to jump into a co-op, which makes this idea of a food-buying club more exciting to me.

We could begin with a dozen or more households, enough to keep the buying club active, and reach out to those around us with the hopes of it growing into something bigger. If it does, there are many locations I am sure we could explore. I live close to Lombard, so, for example, the now empty Big Daddy’s BBQ/Slider’s is a constant tease.

Thank you all for your interest. That all said, I would love to hear more about what your interests and goals are for this food club.

Email them to info@nopofood.org.